Living in the Canton of Glarus

The canton of Glarus is simply different. Glarnerland is small enough for people to know and talk to each other, but still big enough to offer everyone more. Nature is close by, organisations and associations are active, and the locals are friendly. That accounts for much of the above-average quality of life - but it's only one piece of the puzzle. It's all the pieces together that complete the picture: in the canton of Glarus

  • families feel just as comfortable as singles,
  • nature is close by and part of daily life,
  • there's work and challenges enough for active people,
  • it's less expensive to live well than in nearby centres like Zurich or Chur,
  • children learn from kindergarten to cantonal or secondary and vocational school,
  • specialist and retail stores sell everything locals need,
  • tradition and custom enrich life just as much as music, art, and theatre, and
  • is home to people who like sport and activity.

Many locals also find the proximity to important centres decisive. Zurich and Chur are only 45 minutes away by car, whilst the Zurich main railway station, Zurich airport, and Chur railway station are only one hour away by train.