State Archive

The State Archive documents the decisions and actions of the cantonal authorities and makes them transparent. Glarner residents have the right to know why the government makes a particular decision and how it was able to resolve a problem or how the authorities reacted in emergencies, times of social tension, or economic crises. The State Archive stores all records of the cantonal parliament, the governing council, the courts and the cantonal administration made since 1827 as well as documents from even earlier. The State Archive also archives important documents of citizens, such as birth certificates, judicial decisions, and construction records.

First the Archiv des Alten Landes Glarus from the Middle Ages to the Reformation, then the Archive der konfessionellen Landesteile until the Revolution of 1798, the helvetische Archiv (canton of Linth 1798-1803) and the Neue Katholische, Neue Evangelische, and Neue Gemeine Archiv from 1803 to 1836.

Opening Hours

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 08:00 to 11:30 and 14:00 and 16:30
The archive closes at 16:00 before holidays.

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Landesarchiv des Kantons Glarus
Gerichtshausstrasse 25
8750 Glarus
+41 (0)55 646 63 01