Glarner Specialities

Glarner people are hospitable and like to eat. Their cuisine is simple, uses local and seasonal products, and tastes wonderful. A few specialties are well-known:

  • Schabziger is the Glarner hallmark and has been for hundreds of years. This lean acid curd cheese spiced with bird clover is still produced according to traditional recipes even today. Glarner people use it often, for example in Ziger Höreli, Glarner Fondue, Glarner-style trout, or pears poached in red wine with Schabziger cream sauce.
  • Glarner Chalberwurst in a golden-white butter sauce with onions is traditionally served in restaurants after the cantonal assembly. Mashed potatoes and plums are served with it. Chalberwurst is only produced in Glarnerland.
  • Glarner pie is the queen of Glarner specialities and worth its weight in gold... The puff pastry is beaten and rolled 100 times, then half is filled with the finest plum butter and the other half with ground almonds.