Traditions and Customs

Glarnerland is rich in traditions and customs that all Glarner people are proud of. They form the foundation of our cultural identity and are nurtured with great passion. These are a few of the most popular and well-known cultural festivals in Glarus:

  • Cantonal assembly: On the first Sunday in May, voters gather for the cantonal assembly in the open air on the Zaunplatz in Glarus. They vote on constitutional and legislative matters and elect the chief of the executive council, among others.
  • Näfelser Fahrt: On the first Thursday in April, Glarner residents celebrate their victory in the battle of the Rautiberg in Näfels against the Habsburg army in 1388. Thanks to this victory, they freed themselves forever of Habsburg domination.
  • Fridlisfüür: In memory of the Glarner patron saint St. Fridolin, many townships hold large Fridolin festivals on the evening of the 6th of March. These were originally pre-Christian spring celebrations and were intended to drive away the winter and bring spring back to the land.
  • Schybefleuge: At Shrove Tuesday time, a fire burns high over Matt. The Matt boys hold wooden planks over the flames. As soon as the planks are glowing hot, the boys throw them up to the cliff edge and onto the Schybelade, which projects over the valley like a springboard.
  • Klausschellen: At the beginning of December, usually at the same time as St. Nicholas Day on 6th of December, students in most townships walk through their villages calling for St. Nicholas with big and small bells.

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