The Zweifel Family

Martin and Barbara Zweifel-Vock had been looking for something of their own for some time, but not necessarily a row house in a block of buildings, but something special, outside in nature. A colleague tipped them about a rear house available for sale in Filzbach.

"We viewed the house and we loved it straightaway," explains Martin Zweifel, and so they bought it. Naturally, the old building needed a bit of renovation, and a few bits and pieces will be changed in the future as well. They moved to Filzbach in July of 2004.

By now there are four of them: along with three-and-a-half-year-old Thierry, a daughter called Sanya joined them five months ago. The Zweifel couple thinks Filzbach is great for raising children. Nature is just outside, but the world is far away. Martin Zweifel works as a construction manager in Näfels, and it's five minutes from there to the autobahn. The couple enjoys a gorgeous, unimpeded view of Amden and its environs from their front door.

Free-time options are very good, too: lake, mountains, and sports centre are all nearby. Martin and Barbara Zweifel say they've been given a friendly welcome in Filzbach. A few contacts have already been made and more will come, especially through school and the children. They love the village bakery and they try to keep in mind the village store as much as possible, too. They've had no negative experiences at all so far, leading Martin Zweifel to remark in dialect, "It's just lovely to live up there!"

Source: «Die Südostschweiz»