The Weber Family

"We live where other people go on holiday." That's how Urs Weber expresses his satisfaction at choosing Filzbach as a place to live. On Valentine's Day 2002, the couple Regina and Urs Weber-Gerber moved into their dream house.

How did the Webers find Filzbach?  His parents have lived there for some years, and regular visits to the parents' place made him aware of Filzbach. The couple was able to buy a big parcel of land in Birch from a private seller and build a handsome house on it.

In the meantime, four-year-old Laura and two-year-old Isabel have come to enliven the modern rooms. Regina Weber finds their living situation particularly ideal for children. The children can play without worries and far away from traffic; forest and sports facilities are nearby, and it's only a stone's throw to the public beach in Mühlehorn.

"The quality of life on the Kerenzerberg is unbelievably good," says Urs Weber. The couple is happy with the township's infrastructure and have no problems with schooling options on the Kerenzerberg. Above all, they love the fact that there's still a bakery and a village store.

Urs Weber works on the sales force of Feldschlösschen Getränke AG and describes the location in Filzbach as very central for his territory. The couple says that the locals accepted them happily and willingly and they can't find a single bad thing to say about Filzbach.

Source: «Die Südostschweiz»