Medical Care

Glarner residents receive excellent medical care. The basis for this is the canton's hospital. Here, doctors with a variety of specialities practice conventional medicine combined where appropriate with other types of treatment like traditional Chinese medicine or music therapy. The canton of Glarus also has an outstanding rehabilitation clinic – the RehaClinic Braunwald – that guarantees individualised offers and a harmonious interaction between medicine, treatment, care, hospitality and patient.

There are about 60 doctors in the canton of Glarus who work and treat patients in their own practices. Most of these are general practitioners, but there are also specialists in

  • Acupuncture
  • Eye diseases
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Ear, nose and throat diseases
  • Skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Internal medicine
  • Paediatrics and adolescent medicine
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy and
  • Rheumatology.

There are also about 20 dentists.

The number of doctors per capita is higher than in the region in general at two doctors (outpatient) per 1000 inhabitants. And Zurich, where many specialists practice, is only 45 minutes away by car.

In the rehab clinic in car-free Braunwald at 1,200 m, patients find ideal conditions for restorative inpatient rehabilitation.

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