Glarnerland is a world in and of itself. At first glance it seems isolated, but a second and closer one reveals it to be in the thick of things. And that in two ways: in the heart of Switzerland and with its finger on the pulse of the times. Despite its idyllic countryside appearance, its infrastructure is just as good as – and sometimes even better than – that of the big, expensive centres around Zurich. A few examples:

  • Transportation: Zurich and Chur are only 45 minutes away by car; Zurich railway station, Zurich airport, and Chur railway station are one hour away by train. Public transportation is well-developed.
  • Medical care: Glarner residents receive excellent medical care. Partly because the fully equipped canton hospital is close to everyone and partly because there are more doctors per capita than in the region as a whole, both general practitioners and specialists. Braunwald also has a rehabilitation clinic and Mollis a Regabasis.
  • Education: All paths are open to young people in Glarnerland. Besides public schools, there are private schools and schools for children with special needs. Thanks to its central location, the universities and technical schools in Zurich, Chur and their environs are close by.