On 7 May 2006, structural reforms of townships were implemented that have been in effect since 1 January 2011. 3 communities were formed out of 25 small townships 18, school districts, 16 social service districts and 9 civic districts:

  • The community of Glarus includes Glarus, the smallest cantonal capital in Switzerland, and the previous townships of Ennenda, Netstal, and Riedern. About 12,000 people live here.
  • The community of Glarus Nord includes the previous townships of Bilten, Filzbach, Mollis, Mühlehorn, Näfels, Niederurnen, Oberurnen and Obstalden. About 16,000 people live here.
  • The community of Glarus Süd, the largest Swiss community by area, includes the previous townships of Betschwanden, Braunwald, Elm, Engi, Haslen, Linthal, Luchsingen, Matt, Mitlödi, Rüti, Schwanden, Schwändi and Sool. About 10,000 people live here.

Thanks to the reforms, structures are now clearer, routes are shorter, and authorities and services are closer to citizens. The canton has also increased its locational competitiveness in the long term thanks to the structural reforms.