Local Advantages

The canton of Glarus is business-friendly. Thanks to one of the first Swiss business development laws, this industrial region has become an attractive place for business with many advantages. The most important ones are, in brief: 

  • Person-to-person: Glarnerland is big enough to offer companies sufficient room and small enough to allow quick decisions unburdened by bureaucracy. People communicate effectively and administration is efficient and always lends a willing ear to businesses and their concerns.
  • Good advice isn't expensive: The Office of Economic Matters supports entrepreneurs who are founding a business just as much as established companies who want to settle here. Our experts provide advice and support, have strong connections in the region, and open doors for you.
  • Quality of life over money: In the canton of Glarus, companies can find affordable real estate and well-trained employees. Local residents value the high standard of living. Companies benefit from lower labour costs than in nearby Zurich and the tax burden is comparatively light.
  • Everything is close: Glarnerland has very good transportation links. Zurich and its airport are only one hour away by car or train, the most important north-south axis runs through the canton, and private planes and helicopters take off and land in Mollis. The location is central and Europe is only a stone's throw away.