Economy and Work

Schüü, as er bi üüs sind! *

Right in the thick of it, not on the margins - that's Glarnerland. The region in the heart of Switzerland is the perfect home for up-and-coming businesses. The canton of Glarus is:

  • pragmatic: Nothing's far away and personal contact is important to us – we prefer quick and uncomplicated decisions.
  • innovative: Innovation has been a tradition of ours for hundreds of years – we offer companies long-term, solution-oriented support.
  • attractive: The tax burden is low, real estate is affordable – we offer companies a perfect environment.
  • close: Zurich is only one hour away – we link the Swiss economic centre to the Alpine Rhine Valley.
  • open: The residents of Glarus are friendly people – we welcome everyone who wants to live, work, or build with us.

Get to know the canton of Glarus – first online, and then in person. Our Office of Economic Matters is here for you, your first point of contact for all questions about the economy and local development.

* «So nice to have you with us!»