Tax Relief

The governing council may grant tax relief to a newly established company or a company that modifies its operations in a fundamental way in the first year and the nine subsequent years. In some circumstances, a company may even be exempt from all cantonal and township taxes for a maximum of ten years. The company must benefit the canton's general economic interest and

  • create new jobs or secure existing jobs,
  • not compete with existing companies in Glarnerland, and
  • generate a certain degree of value creation.

Companies that wish to apply for tax relief must submit their application including a detailed business and financing plan, project descriptions and an estimate of the investment amount to the Office of Economic Matters. The Office will review all applications together with the cantonal tax office. The governing council will decide whether to grant the application in consultation with the local township.

Thanks to the Bundesgesetz über die Regionalpolitik, the canton of Glarus is one of the few regions of Switzerland that can also grant tax relief for direct federal taxes. This relief may not be greater or last longer than that of the canton of Glarus.