Financial Support

The federal government and the canton of Glarus support existing companies and young entrepreneurs in obtaining financial assistance. The overriding goal is to improve the economic structure of Glarnerland and create jobs. The first projects to receive financial support are those important to

  • local and regional industry structure,
  • the local and regional labour market, and
  • local and regional suppliers or buyers.

Anyone who wants to apply for a surety, a repayable loan, tax relief, or interest cost contributions must describe in detail in their application why and for what he or she needs how much support. The application for financial assistance requires a business plan that must cover the following areas:

  • information about the company,
  • information about the project,
  • information about the market,
  • the market concept,
  • the timetable
  • the financial plan
  • the regional aspects and
  • the request (type, amount and duration of financial assistance, including repayment proposal).

The Committee for Economic Development reviews all applications and submits those it supports to the governing council. The council then decides on whether to grant financial assistance.