Found a Company

In principle, you can found your company online, for example at or, the platform of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO. This is generally a smooth process for sole proprietorships and partners. For joint-stock companies and limited liability companies, it makes more sense to obtain advice from specialists, for example from a fiduciary, your bank, or employees of the Commercial Register. They help with broad initial questions as well as with later detailed clarifications and accompany you safely throughout the foundation process. This process can be fairly complex, as the example of a joint-stock company illustrates: you have to

  • decide on a company name and clarify whether its still free;
  • decide on the company headquarters and find a suitable piece of real estate;
  • constitute a board of directors and define its compensation;
  • appoint auditors;
  • define articles of association and have them notarised;
  • issue share certificates and keep a share register for nominal shares;
  • create a bank connection and open bank accounts;
  • pay the legally mandated minimum capital into a frozen account;
  • enter your company into the Commercial Register of the canton of Glarus;
  • register your company with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration; 
  • pay the stamp duty on your company's capital;
  • enter the foundation of your company into the Commercial Register and have it published.