Industrial Patents

According to the Bundesgesetz über die Handelsreisenden of 4 October 1930, commercial travellers who accept orders for goods when travelling as an employee or independently require

  • a green card for resellers and traders or
  • a red card for so-called "small travellers" who only sell to end consumers.

According to the Gesetz über die Handelspolizei of 7 May 1922, itinerant artisans require a patent. This applies to

  • peddling
  • itinerant craftsmanship
  • sale of goods from a vehicle
  • temporary storage, i.e. temporary sales
  • acts such as circuses or street musicians
  • automatic vending machines and newspaper machines outside business premises, and
  • tropical fruits patents.

You can obtain permits from the Gewerbepolizei.

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