In Glarnerland, small- and medium-sized as well as large businesses in various industries can find a home and success. Some are national, others international leaders:

  • Confiseur Läderach in Ennenda creates authentic sweet specialities in its chocolate factory that are in high demand both in Switzerland and around the world.
  • Eternit (Schweiz) in Niederurnen manufactures environmentally friendly, fire-proof, and aesthetic fibre cement boards for roofs, façades, interior fittings, landscape design and fire protection.
  • Kunststoff Schwanden in Schwanden develops, produces, and refines thermoplastic plastic parts for home appliances, telecommunications products, automobiles and packaging.
  • Netstal Maschinen in Näfels manufactures high-precision and rapid-acting plastic injection moulding machines for the production of particularly challenging and thin-walled moulded parts.
  • Resilux Schweiz in Bilten produces disposable pre-forms of polyethylene terephthalate in a variety of sizes, weights, and colours and blows disposable and recyclable PET bottles.
  • Service 7000 in Netstal sells home appliances from all leading manufacturers and provides maintenance on a national basis. The assemblers even handle smaller electrical, renovation, and carpentry tasks.