Working in the Canton of Glarus

Switzerland's potential is huge: the people have above-average education and a high level of motivation, they work more than their colleagues abroad, but their wages are still competitive and ancillary labour costs are low. Social partners cooperate well, even though – or perhaps because – the labour market is subject to very liberal regulations. At USD 90,965 per person (source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007), productivity is higher than, for example, in neighbouring Germany or Italy.

The situation in the canton of Glarus is even better. Here, companies can find well-educated, highly motivated employees who earn less than their colleagues in nearby centres, but perform as well or better. The availability of qualified professionals who live in Glarnerland due to the high standard of living andrecreation in Glarnerland is one more reason why many companies decide to establish themselves here.