Mollis Airport

The canton of Glarus, the township of Mollis, and the companies and associations at Mollis Airport are in agreement: the area should continue to be used for aviation after the withdrawal of the air force at the beginning of 2008. Since 2007, the canton has been working together with the townships and armasuisse to find a solution for converting the former military airport of Mollis. In April 2009, the Glarner government commissioned an analysis of profitability and potential. It showed that, from a financial point of view, the alternative usage scenarios ("recreational flights" with shortened runways and "alternative use" without winged aircraft) came off more poorly than use for aircraft according to the land use plan (LUP). However, the implementation of structural reforms in townships delayed the project, as the canton was confronted with a new starting situation. In November 2011, the canton and the townships of Glarus and Glarus Nord found a solution that all the project participants could agree on. The township of Glarus waives its right of pre-emption to a partial tract of land, while the government of Glarus Nord has decided to purchase Mollis Airport and founded the work group "Flugplatz." The proposal will be submitted to the voters of Glarus Nord in the coming spring assembly of 2012.