Economic Region

Glarnerland was one of the first regions in Switzerland to be industrialised. Even today, over 40 percent of its roughly 18,000 employees work in industry - more than in any other canton. Glarus is an industrial canton and proud of it. The residents have continued to develop their industry without pause. The spinning wheels and looms that once formed the foundation of Glarus' reputation now mostly adorn museums - traditional industrial plants have become high-tech companies. Today, the picture is made up of sectors like

  • machine and plant construction,
  • plastics and electrical engineering,
  • food and environmental technology.

The textile industry that once sparked the "Glarner economic miracle" continues to offer many people work today. Products "made in Glarus" are popular around the world and many are exported.

Percentage of workers in the second sector by industry, 2008

Beschäftigte nach Branchen

But Glarus is about more than just industry. The third sector is becoming more and more important. By now over half of all workers are employed in services.