Alpzyt on the Bio-Alp

Have you ever dreamed of spending the summer on an alp or at least staying overnight? Bring your dreams to life and come along up the fantastically situated Bio-Alp Guetbächi above Linthal. You'll learn lots about nature on the two-hour walk up the alp. It gets more exciting with every metre as your senses grow sharper. On Guetbächi, nature sets the pass and humans and animals adjust to it. It's a place where you can really refuel, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Watch the alpine herdsmen make cheese and then enjoy alpine pasta with organic alpine cheese. Later you can lie down satisfied on a mattress and be amazed at how little it takes to be happy.


  • Guided tour with federally qualified tour guide
  • Lots of information about nature and the landscape
  • One overnight stay on mattresses at an alpine cabin, incl. dinner and breakfast (with locally produced bio-alp products)
  • Tea à discrétion
  • Souvenir


  • CHF 150.00 for adults
  • CHF 100.00 for children of 12-16 years
  • CHF 70.00 for children of 6-12 years

Dates: 7/ 8 July 2012, 27/ 28 July 2012, 25/ 26 August 2012

Prices subject to change.


+41 55 610 21 25 or