On the Tracks of Anna Göldi


On 13 June 1782, the serving maid Anna Göldi was beheaded in Glarus after a disputed trial. A number of authors and directors have tackled this last witch trial of Europe and multiple books and one film have covered the story. Anna Göldi was accused of slipping "Gufen" pins into the milk of the daughter of the Tschudi family.

At the Anna Göldi Museum in Mollis and on the city tour in Glarus, you'll learn more about the life and death of this intelligent and proud serving maid. To take you back to the past, you'll be pampered with a fine supper and a wholesome breakfast buffet at the linth-arena sgu. You can work out or just take a break at the indoor pool.

Prices for groups between 10 and 25 people:

  • With overnight stay in a dorm room starting at CHF 85.00 per person
  • With overnight stay in a 4-bed room starting at CHF 105.00 per person
  • With overnight stay in a double room starting at CHF 144.00 per person
  • With overnight stay in a single room starting at CHF 161.00 per person

The package contains the following:

  • City tour in Glarus with a talk about Anna Göldi
  • Tour of the Anna Göldi-Museum in Mollis
  • Overnight stay with half-board in the linth-arena sgu incl. admission to indoor swimming pool

Prices subject to change.
This offer is for groups of at least 4 people.


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