Walking Tips

Wanderungen und Bergtouren

The canton of Glarus has walking trails and paths like a beach has sand. No list can be complete or comprehensive. Here are some of the most beautiful trails, but there are many more:

  • Kärpf trek: three-day high alpine walk from Mettmen to the Legler hut (first day) to the Obererbs ski hut (second day) and back to Mettmen. Duration: 4.5 + 5 + 6 hours.
  • Linth-Escher walk: light two-day walk from Ziegelbrücke through Walensee to Näfels (first day) and back through Niederurnen and Niederurner Täli to Ziegelbrücke. Duration: 2 x 6 hours.
  • Sagen trek: two-day medium-difficulty walk from Braunwald to Berggasthaus Gumen (first day) and via Urnerboden by post car back to Linthal. Duration: 3 + 4.5 hours.
  • Alpzyt trek: light two-day walk through various Glarner Alps with overnight stays in the straw or in communal bunks. 
  • Geo by bicycle: cover more than 250 million years by bike in two days. Light bicycle tours along Linth including attractive tours. Duration: 5 + 6 hours.
  • Climbing - made easy: after an introduction to climbing in the indoor rock climbing center on the first day, the second day takes you to the crags on the Mettmenalp.
  • lintharena bike: this two-day bicycling treat takes you to the northern gate of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Sardona" on the first day and through Oberseetal to the Klöntal on the second day. Duration: 4 + 5 hours.
  • Economic miracle by bike: this bike trip divided among two days leads through all of Glarnerland. Every town has testaments to the Glarner economic miracle. Duration: 6 + 5 hours. 
  • Schabziger Höhenweg: light, one-day walk from Habergschwänd to the Naturfreundehaus on the Fronalp. Duration: 4.5 hours.
  • Klöntalersee: light family walk with barbecue and swimming sites along the lake and back by the post car. Duration: 2 hours.
  • Höhenweg Elm (Obererbs) – Elm (Ämpächli): light walk for families, schools and seniors at 1,600 metres above sea level. Arrive in Oberbers by bus, go up by cable car, mountain cart, or scooter. Duration; 2 hours.

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