Pleasure Flights and Paragliding

Rundflüge und Gleitschirm

Glarnerland has numerous starting points for paragliders and delta wing gliders. These flight areas are known for having good winds from all directions:

  • Braunwald
  • Elm
  • Fronalp
  • Kerenzerberg
  • Luchsingen
  • Mullern
  • Schilt
  • Walensee
  • Weissenberge

Two flight schools offer courses and passenger flights: the Delta- und Gleitschirmcenter Glarnerland and the Robair Gleitschirmschule.

Small aircraft, helicopters and glider pilots take off and land in Mollis. Some of the organisations based at the airport take along passengers on pleasure flights, for example the Motorfluggruppe Mollis and Heli-Linth.